“Erasmus+” programme in Igor Sikorsky KPI

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    1 January 2014 is the date of the start of new programme of the European Union named “Erasmus+” for development of skills and workability in the spheres of education, youth and sports. During the period from 2014 to 2020 programme supplies more than 4 millions europeans with opportunities to study, get the professional skills, receive the work experience or become the volunteer abroad. The initiative of the programme “Erasmus+” in the fields of education and professional training is well-known because of opportunities that it provides for students to study abroad and because of those possibilities it gives for the staff of higher educational institutions. 14.7 billion euro was allocated for the programme spendings.

20150107-1201-erasmus1“Erasmus+” programme combines in one the uninterrupted educational EU programme, EU programme “Youth in action”, and also 5 previous programmes in the field of higher education for non-EU countries (Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and Cooperation programme with developped countries). As “Erasmus+” programme is based on the previous programmes, the most successful aspects and proved concepts of predecessors were used. Therewith the programme integrates now the fundings in the field of sports.

“Erasmus+” activates three different directions in the fields of education, youth and sports:

Key action 1
Credit mobility
Educational mobility for people of all the spheres of general and professional education
Key action 2
Cooperation projects
Strategic partnership with scientific institutions
“Sector Skills Alliances”, IT-platforms including partnerships via eTwinning between educational institutions from EU-countries and partner countries
Key action 3
Reforms support
Support of modernization of higer education in all fields of general and professional education, development and implementation of recognized EU instruments of transparency. Creation of the expert network on reformation of the higher education as well as support of the dialogue about educational policy.

    The goal of “Erasmus+” programme for the higher education is the modernization and improvement of education in European and world higher educational institutions. It provides the opportunities for students and staff to develop their skills and improve their career prospectives.

Advantages of participation in exchange programmes “Erasmus+”:

educational – opportunity to compare the quality of education, methods and methodics of teaching as well as the operation of higher educational institutions abroad;
linguistic – a chance to learn the foreign language and terminology common for the exact field of knowledge;
cultural – meeting with the culture of the country, way of life of its citizens and students;
life experience – perspectives to become independent and develop the skill to combat unexpected situations.

    The participation in the student’s mobility could become the priceless experience because students are inspired to meet the challenge and take the opportunity provided by the European Union – to study abroad.

Statistic 2015-2017    Now Igor Sikorsky KPI has more than 50 credit mobility projects with partner-universities within “Erasmus+” programme. By the results of projects of 2015 and 2016, there are already 207 participants, including 122 sudents, 24 PhD students and 61 staff. 25 students, 2 PhDs and 10 staff will realize their right on academic mobility within “Erasmus+” programme already in the autumn semestre of 2017/2018 academic year.

    There are a lot of famous universities throughout our credit mobility programmes’ partners including Wroclaw University of Technologies (Poland), University of Granada (Spain), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), KU Leuven (Belgium), University of Lorraine (France), Polytechnic University of Milano (Italy), Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena (Germany) and many others.

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