Chinese Government Scholarship Programme – Harbin Institute of Technology

Chinese Government Scholarship Programme

Founded in 1920, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) is now in the list of ten Chinese top-universities. The general number of students of the Institute is over 55500. It receives more than 1400 foreign students anually. 

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute students can study on the Master Degree programme in the Harbin Istitute of Technology – 2 years in Chinese (except fields of Management, Material Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanic Engineering, Electronics and Chemical Engineering & Life Science and Technology taught in English) and 3 years of PhD Degree programme in English or Chinese.

Candidate who do not speak Chinese shold stusy the one year course to obtain the HSK4 certificate. For programmes in English candidate should have the TOEFL (not lower than 80) or IELTS (not lower than 5.5) certificate. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute language certificate is also suitable (not lower than B2). Students who need the English language certificate of competence for the package of documents SHOULD register on the site of the Faculty of Linguistics. After receiving and processing of your application, the message about the date and place of testing will be sent on your

 Requirements for candidates:

  1. Candidates should not be Chinese citizens;
  2. Candidates who apply for the Master Degree, should have the Bachelor Degree and should not be older than 35 years; Candidates who apply for the PhD Degree, should have the Master Degree and should not be older than 40 years;
  3. High academic grade (Bacheloe Degree With Honours);
  4. Candidates should have good scientific and research abilities.

Scholarship amount:

  1. The scholarship covers registration, study fee, the fee for basic educational resourses and laboratory experiments, accomodation.
  2. Annual medical insurance CNY 800.

Monthly scholarship for the Master Degree – CNY 3000 (≈ 12000 UAH)
Monthly scholarship for the PhD Degree – CNY 3500 (≈ 14000 UAH)

Candidates categories and duration of the Scholarship


of study

  Duration of Chinese courses

  Duration of Scholarship  

Academic year

1. Master Degree Programme




PhD Programme




Proceeding documents:

Candidates should fill and apply following documents (in 2 copies) and pay the comission fee for the estimation of documents (60 USD):

  1. filled application form on the site – After filling the form, it should be obligatory printed (university code 10213);
  2. photocopy/scancopy of the diploma, certified by notary, with translation in English or Chinese;
  3. translation of the Transcript of records certified by notary (take this document in the Dean’s office) in English or Chinese;
  4. Study Plan/Research Plan (not less than 800 words – form of plan) made in English or Chinese;
  5. two recommendation letters from professors of your university with the translation in English or Chinese;
  6. copy of the external passport (valid for minimum a year);
  7. photocopy/scancopy of the medical form (with a medical examinations for a last 6 months) (example of the form);
  8. bill with a payment of comission fee for the estimation of documents (60 USD).

Academic calendar:

Autumn semester: the end of August or the beginning of September – midle January
Spring semester: the end of February or the beginning of March – midle June

Additional information:

Project Coordinator: Mr Liu Way
Phone: +86451 86412029;