Ukraine-Poland Centre


Ukrainian-Polish Centre was established on March 7, 2008 under the Framework Agreement between the Polish Educational Foundation “PERSPEKTYWY” and Igor Sikorsky KPI. The purpose of the Center is to integrate efforts to improve the quality of training of specialists, the implementation of the basic principles of building a knowledge-based society and the principles of UNESCO “Education Without Borders”, training – within the model of the university type – specialists of new formation, able to accelerate economic and social development countries at the expense of knowledge and active activity of students, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students, teachers and scientists in the field of fundamental, natural sciences, engineering and technical sciences, adjustments establishing and deepening partnerships with Polish universities in the organisation of the education process and academic exchanges, scientific contacts, in the cultural and sports fields. Life has shown that the decision to create such an institution was absolutely correct: we have had reliable partners in Poland, cooperation with which enriches new experiences for us and our friends. And the Ukrainian-Polish Center relies on the role of a kind of moderator of these relations. We are now actively cooperating with 13 universities in Poland. And, of course, we maintain close ties with the KPI Alumni Section in the Republic of Poland, which is headed by a graduate and Honorary Doctorate of our University Janusz Fuksa.

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Responsible person: Anna Bidniuk
Address: Building 6, floor 2, room 316

Telephone: +38 044 204 86 01
e-mail: ukrpol [at]